Household Linen

Learning which items need dry cleaning could mean the difference between extending their lifespan or spending more money trying to replace them. As a general rule, anything with hand stitching, embellishments, pleating, or made with dark-colored silks or similar materials should be dry cleaned. Even if these items are made with high-quality materials by a trusted manufacturer, washing and drying cycles could easily drain the color and slowly undo the stitching.

Which Household Linens Require Dry Cleaning?

We tend to associate dry cleaning with clothing, but it’s not just shirts and dresses that need special cleaning care. Chances are that you have items throughout your house that can’t be exposed to the harsh chemicals and tumultuous cycles of a washer and dryer. Lowry Eco Cleaners can help keep those window curtains, upholstered items, cushions, or placemats clean and looking like new with our specialized dry-cleaning services for household items.

Why Does Bedding Need to Be Dry Cleaned?

Did you know that the average person will spend nearly 26 years sleeping throughout their lives? It’s true! This amounts to hundreds of hours in bed every year. Just think about all the time your body will spend on linens, mattress covers, and beddings, absorbing whatever particulates just happen to be absorbed by the fabrics.

Washing linens with dangerous petrochemicals can expose you to toxins and irritants that could harm you over a long time. Therefore, dry cleaning these intimate items is the safest way to ensure your bed stays clean and healthy.

Lowry Cleaners is here to keep your linens, cushions, and all other household items looking brand new by eliminating stains and grease and make them last longer with high-quality dry-cleaning services. Get in touch with us today to learn more!