Alterations & Tailoring

We’ve all had the experience of having that one outfit that goes with everything. Then, one day, there’s a special event coming up but there’s a snag, a tear, it doesn’t fit the way you wanted it to, right?

At Lowry Cleaners, we are here to help from your daily outfits to special events, our dedicated staff will help you look your best for any occasion. There’s no need to settle for clothing that doesn’t look how it should. We offer expert alterations and tailoring to keep your best clothes looking their best and fitting just right even if the outfit was not originally tailored to fit your body in particular, we can make it look like it was designed just for you. Professional alternations ensure that your outfits look unique, even if they are off the rack.

We Alter, Repair and Re-size clothing for men’s and women’s garments. Our most common alterations are hemming for jeans & regular pants, let out & let in waists and sleeves, trouser and skirt zipper replacement, re-sew seams, patches on (shirts, jackets), and elastic replacement are the most common alterations. We also alter and repair leather and suede garments as well as police/military/medical uniforms.

On-Demand Garments Repair and Alterations Service

  • At Lowry Eco Cleaners, we have a world-class repairs and alterations department that can really work wonders with a sewing machine.
  • We understand how inconvenient it is when buttons break or zippers come undone. It’s the worst thing that could happen on your best day ever. You must repair it, and you must repair it permanently. Most tailors won’t be able to do it, but our clothing experts can.
  • Our repairs and alterations team at Lowry Eco Cleaners has actually saved people thousands of dollars by altering clothes that suddenly don’t fit. We hem seams, loosen and tighten sleeves, fix buttons, zips, and smooth over any minor and major rips in your clothing.
  • Lowry Eco Cleaners personalized tailoring will ensure the perfect fit for everything from shirts, pants, jeans, suits, sport coats, buttons, zippers, tuxedos, and more.  Our alteration and tailoring service is all about attention to detail and a 100% perfect-fit guarantee.

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We make Alterations on dresses, blouses, and pants, in addition to suits and shirts. We also handle formal wear, like wedding dresses, evening gowns, and tuxedos.

  • We handle Alterations and repairs on a wide variety of clothing and specialty garments.
  • You can trust our staff to treat your clothing with the care and respect they would with their own.
  • Despite what the size says on the label, new clothes don’t always fit the way you expect. But no worries, we’ll size your new garments to fit your physique perfectly.
  • No matter how complicated your request, more than likely, we’re up to the task! So please don’t hesitate to ask about a project.
  • With a team of professional tailors working 5 days a week, we can typically get items back to you in no time at all.